The modes are otherwise states, moods, emotions. The subject of the workshop is the ability to enter and leave modes easily.

There are plenty of modes, here are examples: anger mode, happiness mode, observation mode, dog on the trail of a bitch mode, monopoly for true mode, searching mode, finding mode, “I am a mirror of everything” mode, gazing at stars mode, disgust mode.

Therefore, there can be wide modes, allowing some freedom of interpretation in operation, and narrow modes, characterizing the action more precisely.

Why is it worth to practice techniques of entering and leaving modes? Just to make it easier to overcome persistent and unwanted emotional states. In order to increase the ease of getting a distance to yourself. This is also to gain greater efficiency in controlling our actions.

The base for leaving negative states and for switching from mode to mode is a state called neutrality or readiness. We devote a significant part of the workshop to the techniques of reaching this state. These are mainly physical activities, exercises for unlocking.

Although the mode workshops are workshops with a serious aim, the work is often about abandoning being serious in the sense of treating yourself too seriously. That is why we often use absurd, laughter, that’s why we do things out of place.

During the workshops, we try to do things, which would seem too difficult for us, too stupid, too foreign. However, if things are treated as if they were obvious, they often become obvious. The atmosphere of the mode workshop favors shifting your limitations.


Who are these workshops for?

The workshop will be useful for all those who want to increase the distance to their selves.

They are addressed to people over 16 years of age, while the average age at our workshops is usually around 30 years.

Place and date

Warsaw, 7-9.12.2018

Akademia Sztuki i Kultury
Al. Jana Pawła II 36c
00-141 Warszawa

How much is it?

PLN 290

Advance payment of PLN 100 is the minimum amount to be paid when registering: it reserves place.

Please make a payment within three days of signing. Please take your payment receipt for the first meeting or send us the payment confirmation via e-mail.


Piotr Filonowicz.

A graduate of the Theater Academy in Warsaw. He led the group Night Line (2008-12) dealing with free improvisation and Vocal Line group focusing on work with voice based on traditional songs. Since 2012 he has been involved in the Fabryka Destruction project ( Every year, he organizes entomusicological expeditions, during which he collects material for vocal work (2007-8 Bulgaria, Poland, 2009 Romania, 2010 Macedonia, 2011 Albania, 2012 India, 2013 Georgia, 2014 Bulgaria, Israel, Serbia). He conducts vocal workshops „Vocal Spinning-Mill”. Specializes in work on arousing the natural strength of voice and integrating emotions, movement and voice. Founder and leader of theater workshops at the Academy of Arts and Culture (



How to sign up?

by phone – 0048 609 045 956

by email – (requires confirmation)

You should:

1. provide your name, surname, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail

2. if you can: write briefly about your eventual theatrical / musical / dance experiences etc.

3. pay an advance or full amount for the workshops to the ASiK account (or ASiK’s office).

The order of applications decides. Groups are up to 15 people.

Please make a payment within three days of signing up or send us a confirmation via e-mail. The full amount must be paid at least 14 days before the beginning of the workshop.

You can back out the workshop at least 14 days before the start: please provide us data for repayment.

What to take with you?

comfortable clothes; we practice barefoot, in socks or in soft footwear

proof of payment for the workshop (unless it was previously sent by e-mail)

Other informations:

You should come for workshops 15 minutes before their scheduled start. The price does not include accommodation and food. We can help in finding the accommodation.

Additional information:

Additional information under number 0048 609 045 956 and by e-mail:

Bank transfer details:

Akademia Sztuki i Kultury
Al. Jana Pawła II 36c
00-141 Warszawa

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