How to enter pre-impro state

Each time you have to reinvent it, you have to observe yourself on many levels and follow interesting impulses.

The standard thing is a warm up. Warming up the body in the process of entering into a free improvisation is like preparing a tool. The rest is letting go.

What often helps in the beginning is closing one of the sensual channels, like eyes. The use of voice can be helpful too, for example a humming sound that can cut you off the known and transfer to the less known. You can use a physical contact with another person, intimacy. Or even better intimacy with an object, intimacy with your imagination, intimacy with your current state.

You can use the repetition of motion, sound or word, and usually it is very effective. You can use physical precipitation from a current state, for example, precipitation from verticality. You can use your focus on one element or total openness of perception. So either I see, hear, feel everything that is around or see, hear, feel only a fragment that is growing into something unique, into a totem, into axis mundi.

One can also use the stream of consciousness, speaking with acceptance of each spoken word, to go beyond the rational. You can use diving into water or diving into air as if it was water. You can use the resistance and the effort involved, pushing the wall, breaking through the heap of soil. You can use abjection, staining or sanctifying through meditation: by imagining or actually touching something Holy. You can use an absurd action, a non-functional activity such as biting rugs. You can use destruction as something against the usual tendency. You can use the intensification of straying in space, in thoughts, in preferences, in your feelings. You can use the delusion of disappearing by hiding in the closet. You can use your scream and follow the image of being attacked, and defend against this attack with all your strength. You can use the hustle and bustle and unexpected silence or any other contrast to what has just happened. You can use a prayer, a litany, a mantra, enumeration. You can use the image of the umbilical cord that connects you even through the mouth with your source, with your future, with the unknown. You can use the increase of emotions, love or hate, increase of your fear or increase of your courage. You can use animalization, snapping your teeth, wagging your tail.

[Piotr Filonowicz]