Piotr Filonowicz

Using voice

If you use your voice in an improvisation you’ll increase intensity of your perception and your actions.

My experience tells me that the moment you start using your voice is also the beginning of an authentic act where something releases. It often works better than movement. Maybe it’s because physical actions are too close to your everyday experience and it doesn’t take you into improvisation dream.

The voice has an extreme power. While entering the world we were shouting and shaking arms and legs. And it was the voice that was our strongest expression. It was much more powerful than the defenceless body. It was making the essential difference between soundless life before the birth and what was discovered outside.

The shouting connects us – consciously or not – with the rite of passage. It can be said that you can’t cross anything really important without using your voice. If you want to be open for the change, the absence of voice will be very difficult for you. Extreme intensity is impossible without the voice. Then it would be good if you’ find the courage to use it.

In everyday life we use the voice in a purely functional manner.  We use bodies in a functional manner as well but most people know from their experience that body can act for its own pleasure. That it can dance, relax, feel sweetness of hug, experience ecstasy. The voice is kept on a tighter leash. It serves exchanging information. In Poland hardly anyone sings. No one wails at funerals.

Allowing oneself to use one’s voice freely is crucial in work on discovering one’s fullness, especially the fullness of expression. Expression without the sound is lame.

It is worth calling people loudly from a distance. It is worth shouting when you’re angry. It is worth squeaking and meowing during sex. It’s worth learning songs, it’s worth improvising melodies imperfectly. It is worth reducing the amount of words and improve their musical and emotional values.

It is good to begin the preparation for a free improvisation not only with a physical but also vocal warm up. Common crying, shouting and moaning is building a secure tent for your actions.

[Piotr Filonowicz]